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West Liberty Street

Though both well conserved and thoroughly charming, for years the Stephen Williams House had been left missing an important element for its guests, its onlookers, and its architectural integrity. This element? A garden porch that is aesthetically pleasing, historically truthful and modernly functional. Our rehabilitation project creatively achieved just this.

Built in 1835, the Federal style townhome known as the Stephen Williams House currently operates as a distinguished, five-room inn located in Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District. Despite the inn’s alluring elegance and its habitually booked guest rooms, for more than a decade the owner felt that his historic property deserved something more refined and charming to define its rear courtyard. The design solution became a two-story wood porch set on stucco piers with the main living space off the parlour level. Overall the style of the porch is notably understated placing the focus on the gracefulness of its proportions and the execution of its craftsmanship. Great care was given to the correctness of the detailing of every element.

This project is an example of rehabilitation spearheaded by an individual who not only cares greatly for his home, but also for the stewardship and preservation of his surrounding community. In the end, the porch had to be functional for the inn as a modern building, truthful to the home as an historic Federal building, and representative to Savannah as an architectural jewel. Simply put, the transformation is inspiring!

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