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Monica's Home (10).jpg

East Gaston Street

The renovation of this Italianate row home on Gaston Street has returned historic integrity, charm and character to the property, which had remained virtually unimproved until our renovation. Interestingly, this home was occupied by four generations of one family for 110 years. During its existence, the house has had very limited construction work. It is one of a row of five, almost identical Italianate row houses in Savannah built speculatively. The row makes an appearance in Virginia Savage McAlester’s A Field Guide to American Houses, as a prime example of American Italianate architecture.

The design strategy from the beginning was to keep every historic element possible and make it an interesting design feature rather than to even consider sacrificing it for the sake of storage or other modern use.

Not only did this rehabilitation improve the look and character of the house itself, its row, and its block; it helped to give neighbors additional initiative to improve their properties. Now that they are not trying to cover up their neglected neighbor with shrubbery and walls, the neighboring homes have repainted and updated features of their properties as well.

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